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Fishing boat umbrellas protect anglers from the harsh sun and driving rain on the water. Protection from the sun when out on the water is critical for both skin and eyes against harmful ultraviolet rays. Find your shade, and make fun in the sun safer with the Millennium Marine Shade Tree Umbrella and Holder, built to provide the ultimate protection from the sun.
Industry Update
U.S. LawShield® presents the National Travel Guide for Gun Owners and state-specific Travel Guides for Gun Owners. The guides feature practical information for people traveling through nearly every state in the U.S.
Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) announced it has sent a letter to the Senate Committee on the Judiciary demanding that it “exercise its constitutional authority, and moral duty, to withhold consent” of President Biden’s nomination of Steve Dettlebach for the position of Director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF).

GSM Outdoors is proud to announce the hiring of Wes Higgins as the newest Brand Manager for GSM Fishing. Higgins, former President of Bill Lewis Lures, brings a plethora of knowledge and experience to the GSM brand.
Caza Outdoors, LLC (DBA Pnuma Outdoors) is pleased to announce industry veteran Phil Dalrymple as General Manager of Pnuma Outdoors and Heated Core. Chief Programs Officer Rusty Smith was also recently selected and promoted to Director of Sales for Pnuma Outdoors and Heated Core, of Caza Outdoors.
Shoot Like A Girl is bringing the 2022 Sea to Shining Sea Tour to Cabela’s in Grand Junction, Colorado this weekend for an interactive event that introduces women and their families to shooting sports in a fun, safe and comfortable atmosphere. Stop by the Shoot Like A Girl trailer in front of Cabela’s on Saturday, May 14th from 9am-6pm and Sunday, May 15th from 10am-3pm.

AGM has two opportunities to demonstrate AGM products. If you are located in the southwest region of northern Utah, check out the Utah Shooters annual Shootah event on May 21st. Part-two of the event is Shootah After Dark – a night-time demonstration brought to you by AGM and other partners.
SIG SAUER is pleased to have completed the inaugural SIG Freedom Days welcoming over 4,000 guests to the first ever, total consumer focused, SIG shooting experience at the Ben Avery Shooting Complex in Phoenix, Arizona held May 5-7.
A 3-judge panel of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals issued a decision in the Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) and FPC Action Foundation (FPCAF)-led case of Jones v. Bonta, holding that California’s age-based firearms purchase ban is unconstitutional and that “the district court erred in not enjoining an almost total ban on semiautomatic centerfire rifles” for young adults. The decision can be found online at

GSM Outdoors is excited to announce the hiring of Jack Dice as Associate Brand Manager for GSM’s fishing division. Dice, who recently graduated from Liberty University with a degree in digital marketing, is also a Yamamoto Baits pro-staff team member.
Firearms Legal Protection (FLP) has partnered with Concealed Coalition to offer a combined membership that includes training from Concealed Coalition University and numerous other benefits for gun owners, backed with the legal protection of an FLP membership plan.
Jobs, Jobs, Jobs
HeadHunters NW, the premier executive recruiting firm focused exclusively and deliberately on talent acquisition for the shooting, hunting, and outdoor industry, is seeking to fill a unique General Manager role in the archery hunting industry, located in Montrose, PA.
Camfour is actively hiring experienced and successful sales representatives to accelerate its growth. The goals of this position are to increase sales to existing and new dealers.
Newsstand, Radio & TV
Outdoor Product Innovations, Rhino Blinds, and Rhino Tree Stands shines as the Inside Archery magazine cover story for the month of April. Inside the eight-page article, you can read all about OPI’s recipe for success.
Now Shipping
Viridian Weapon Technologies announces E-Series Green Laser Sights for the lineup of Taurus G-Series pistols. The E-Series Green Laser Sight easily mounts to the trigger guard of all G-Series Pistols. Products for the G-Series are now shipping.
Product News
Sports South LLC is proud to offer Accufire Technology. From sensors to multiple heat displays to software and support, Accufire products and service ensures you will experience best-in-class when it comes to thermal vision technology.
TRUGLO reintroduces its Intercept rifle scope for 2022. The Intercept returns in its familiar 3-9x40mm optical configuration but includes a new glass-etched BTX IR duplex reticle. MSRP is $169.99.
Leading German optics brand Leica Sport Optics launches their new Leica Ballistics App. The Leica Ballistics App is currently supported by the new Leica Geovid Pro 8x32 and 10x32, which comes factory-equipped with Applied Ballistics Ultralight®, the world’s leader in ballistic software.
Now available for compact Glocks with or without red dot sights, Galco’s Concealable™ 2.0 is a thoroughly modern version of the strongside belt holster.
Diamondback Firearms’ DBX in 5.7x28mm gets a fresh new look with the Davidson’s Exclusive DBX. This new Exclusive from Davidson’s features a Davidson’s Dark Earth cerakote finish accented by black controls, grip, and magazine.
Pnuma is proud to announce the new Durango Fleece Pullover. Constructed of two layers, the Durango combines a durable fleece outer layer for wind protection with a soft, brushed-fleece interior for superior comfort and breathability.
The all-new Pathfinder Pant from Pnuma Outdoors is ready to blaze new trails on and off the pavement. Durable, flexible, breathable and versatile, the Pathfinder Pant performs well as an outstanding everyday pant, weekends included.
Waterproof, breathable, quiet and built to last a lifetime. The Pnuma Outdoors 3L Element Proof Rain Jacket and Pants deliver superior performance for hunters who find themselves pursuing game in the harshest environments.
Antler King offers an irresistible food source to keep deer on your hunting property through the fall and winter. Highly nutritious and easy to digest, Sugar Beets provide protein-packed leafy greens in the early season and energy-filled roots later in the year.
Springfield Armory® is proud to announce the newest addition to its line of popular Emissary 1911’s—the Emissary 4.25” in 9mm. Bridging the gap between duty and custom handguns, the Emissary delivers a bold and capable 1911 pistol with defense-minded features intended for serious use as well as convenient carry.
Big and J Industries are the makers of the popular long-range attractant BB2, a high protein-based feed that is easily digestible and has a unique smell that attracts deer from long-range. Big and J also makes a feed additive named Deadly Dust, and they have quality mineral products such as Headrush and Legit.
SnapSafe® In-Wall Safes install securely between wall studs safeguarding valuables out-of-sight. In-Wall Safes are available in two sizes – a 22-inch and a 44-inch-tall version – depending on individual storage needs.
Mesa Tactical announced the availability of the new line of SureShell® shotshell carriers with integrated Trijicon® RMR® reflex sight mounts for the Benelli M2 and M4 shotguns. The RMR sight can co-witness with the shotgun factory ghost ring sights.
You’ll enjoy ultimate concealment when wearing the Banded Ghost Shooter 3D Leafy Ghillie Jacket in Realtree Timber Camo. Everlasting foliage uses a durable, double-stitched reinforced coat of soft, ultra-leafy polyester fabric construction.
X-Vision Optics’ all-new Thermal Reflex Sight (TR1) is by far the best bang for your buck when it comes to thermal units on the market today. With a detection range up to 1000-yards, this incredibly compact sight produces crystal clear images on its 1.63” AMOLED display.
Rival Arms™ is expanding its offerings to include electro-optics, beginning with the new X1 Micro Reflex Sight. The X1 is a 3 MOA red dot ideally suited for use on defensive pistols, target pistols, rifles, hunting and defensive shotguns.
Sports South LLC is proud to offer True Velocity. The proprietary True Velocity composite cartridge provides significant advantages over traditional brass-cased ammunition and gives end-users unmatched accuracy, repeatability, and reliability, all in a lightweight package.
Sports South LLC is proud to offer the Trailblazer Firearms Pivot™. Trailblazer Firearms now offers a semi-automatic 9mm Ultracompact Folding Rifle. Patented technology allows the Pivot™ Rifle to collapse uniquely.
he Hornady Security® Wireless Hygrometer monitors temperature and humidity in real-time, all without opening the gun safe. In hot and humid conditions, firearms and ammo oxidize and degrade quickly, so monitoring their storage environment is critical. The Wireless Hygrometer makes this necessary task easy and convenient.
Safety Notices
Century Arms has identified a potential durability issue in a limited run of BFT47 rifles. The issue may affect proper feeding and/or chambering of ammunition. To assure that every BFT47 meets our high standards, Century is requesting return of the listed units to guarantee that all rifles possibly affected by this durability issue are inspected and replaced as necessary.
Full Forge Gear invites all NRA members attending the 2022 NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits to their booth #1947. Attendees will have the opportunity to try out several packs, bags, cases and learn from the company’s friendly staff about the benefits Full Forge Gear products offer firearm owners, outdoorsmen, and preppers.
Dead Air Silencers is proud to announce that they we will be attending the upcoming 2022 Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC) in Tampa, Florida from May 16th through May 19th, 2022.
Apex Tactical Specialties is headed to Houston and inviting attendees of the NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits, May 27 through May 29, to stop by booth #1137 for a hands-on look at the popular line of aftermarket trigger kits from Apex.
Dead Air Silencers is proud to announce that they will be attending the 2022 National Rifle Association Annual Meeting (NRAAM) at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas from May 27th through May 29th, 2022.
AGM Global Vision is excited to announce our participation in the Primary Arms Optics NRA Range Day event. If you’re planning on attending NRAAM this year, it will be well worth your time to stop by the Primary Arms Optics “Industry Randy Day” one day before the show.

Direct-to-consumer brands are popping up all across the broader marketplace. If you’re familiar with companies like Dollar Shave Club or Thursday Boots, and trust me there are many, many more, then you’ve heard of a direct-to-consumer brand.

These companies bypass the traditional distribution channels of wholesalers and retailers opting instead to sell direct to the end user.

Obviously, this is a bit difficult to pull off in the firearms industry if you are an actual firearms manufacturer. But federal firearms regulations don’t apply to non-serialized products such as accessories and apparel.

Look across the major brands in our industry and more and more you’ll find companies cultivating a stronger direct relationship with their end users. For many this is a revenue generation exercise. For others, it is a branding, marketing and communications effort.

This past weekend, at their SIG Freedom Days – touted as “the first-ever total consumer SIG range and shooting experience” – Sig Sauer didn’t just go direct-to-consumer but went face-to-face with over 4,000 individuals at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility in Phoenix, Arizona.

The truly impressive aspect of pulling in over 4,000 people for the inaugural SIG Freedom Days event is that they represented 46 states. Photo by P. Erhardt

To say that this was an impressive event is to sell it short…way short. This was a range day done right. A lot of time, energy and effort went into putting this event on, not to mention no small amount of money.

While walking the ranges on Saturday with Jim Shepherd (read his column Families Celebrate SIG Freedom Days) we kept noting all the things that went into putting on this event. The table and tents, the crowd barriers to guide guests through the ranges, the sound systems used for demos and, of course, all that ammo.

Add to that a small army of Sig employees and you can imagine what kind of costs might go into a three day event for over 4,000 guests.

One of the many Sig staffers working the event fields questions from a packed crowd during the presentation on Sig’s Next Generation Squad Weapons System. Photo by P. Erhardt

This was not a free event, though. No, this event cost $79.95 per person per day with options for additional shooting at $29.95 and $49.95 each. I’ll let you do the math and try to figure out what the final take was, but Sig went into this expecting and hoping only to break even.

For Sig making money was not the primary purpose. Hard to believe, I know, considering all the company does is sell a mountain of P365 pistols and land damn near every military contract coming down the pike.

Sig, who had a few “open to buy” dollars in their budget after foregoing this year’s SHOT Show, wanted to focus on promoting shooting to some of those 5.4 million first-time gun buyers NSSF says entered the market in 2021.

That was the primary purpose of this event. That and to encourage others in the industry to follow suit.

Tom Taylor, CMO and EVP of Commercial Sales for Sig, has the company zigging in the consumer market while others are still learning to zag. Photo by P. Erhardt

Now, not many companies have the budget that Sig does. And even fewer would have the nerve to go this route, particularly in a year when NASGW says the industry can expect a 15%-20% increase over 2019’s sales revenue (i.e. less than both 2021 and 2020).

But this type of event is scalable and you don’t need to be an 800-pound gorilla like Sig to pull it off. There are a number of entities providing opportunities for new shooters. One that immediately comes to mind is Shoot Like A Girl which does small retailer based events several weekends a year.

The point is that with 5.4 million first timers among us, if we want them to become second, third and fourth time gun buyers we need to invest accordingly. Unless, of course, the concept of customer lifetime value simply escapes you.

In that case, explaining the advantage of the direct-to-consumer experience marketing Sig was doing – what I think was the real focus of this past weekend – isn’t worth the effort. Just go ahead and stick with that print advertising budget instead.

-- Paul Erhardt, Editor, the Outdoor Wire Digital Network

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