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Welcome to The Dealer Wire.

The Dealer Wire, sponsored by Smith & Wesson and Insight Tech-Gear, is the weekly email source with important product and trade information for outdoors and firearms dealers. The service is for dealers only as it may contain sensitive information on programs and pricing, but it's absolutely free for dealers to subscribe. We encourage dealer to not share their logins due to the semi-confidential nature of information in The Dealer Wire.

Dealers can subscribe here. Firearms dealers must provide their FFL number. If you are already a subscriber simply login to see the current issue or browse our archives. You should only have to login once.

The Dealer Wire brings vital B2B news, on a wide variety of topics, directly to dealers in order to help them grow their business. Dealers will find new on a wide variety of topics including new product announcements, shipping dates, consumer programs, POP efforts, in-store promotional events and stocking dealer programs.

Manufacturers and distributors interested in subscribing should contact the editor at info@thedealerwire.com. Requests for advertising information should also be directed to the same email address.

Thank you and welcome to The Dealer Wire.

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